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All in one innovative concept

The SMAllinOne project introduces a “Smart All in One” fuel cell corresponding to a thin film protonic conductive membrane with two catalytically functionalized
. The AllinOne membrane is a novel composite material adapted for fuel cell technologies as there is no boundary between the membrane and the electrodes.
The innovative idea is to keep a same proton conductive backbone for each layer, and to functionalize it with embedded conductive catalyst particles for the electrodes.

All in one innovative concept


The strategy is articulated around four main phases:


The basic materials for the membrane and the catalytic electrode will be developed separately using vacuum based nanomaterial science technologies.


Enhancement of the materials capabilities will be done through nano-particulates addition to produce a second generation of smart multi-functionalized membrane: SMAllinOne.


The selected components will be merged to generate a first composite material without interfaces: AllinOne membrane.


This second generation will be optimized and tested for further industrial implementation.