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Scientific and technological objectives

The SMAllinOne project aims to build a smart functionalized protonic membrane without interfaces, keeping in mind future large scale initiatives.

Synthesis of a proton conductive membrane via vacuum techniques:

Structuring of a platinum catalytic network inside the membrane:

For the vacuum growth of this advanced proton conductive membrane, new volatile chemical precursors will be synthesized, with protected acidic functions. The challenge is thus to prevent the decomposition of the functional groups during the thin film membrane deposition. Various vacuum techniques will be investigated.The potential of several vacuum methods (sputtering, codeposition, atomized spray plasma deposition...) will be evaluated. Then the catalytic network will be integrated in the proton conductive membrane

Adding smart functionalities:

3D conformability:

The smart functionalities target the enhancement of the electrical conductivity, the water management, the membrane permeability and the porosity of the catalytic networks. To add such functionalities, low cost nano-particles will be introduced near the Pt nano-particles, hydrophilic domains and hydrogen getter will be added to the membrane and the porosity of the catalytic sides will be adjusted for efficient fuel supply.3D conformability of the material will be studied for an increased apparent active surface.