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SMAllinOne solution pathway and Workpackages

In the 1st phase basic catalytic and membrane materials will be separately set up to be used as preliminary building blocs.

1st main review point, (R1) at Month 12: Basic material synthesis.


In the 2nd phase , these preliminary building blocs will be merged together to set up the concept baseline of the graded material. At month 18, this know-how will be applied to optimized materials to produce a first generation of composite membrane material: the AllinOne concept.

2nd main review point, (R2) at Month 18: Proof of AllinOne concept GEN1.

In the 3rd phase , advanced functionalities such as electrical conductivity, tailored porosity, water retention and 3D conformability will be developed on a single material. In parallel, the AllinOne concept will be optimized.

3rd main review point, (R3) at Month 24: Optimized AllinOne concept.

In the 4th phase, advanced functionalities will be embedded in the AllinOne concept to produce a smart composite membrane: SMAllinOne with enhanced electrochemical performances.

4th main review point, (R4) at Month 36: Proof of SMAllinOne concept GEN2.