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The SMAllinOne consortium consists of 7 partners in 5 countries. The project brings together a wide scope of scientific and industrial partners - each player with its genuine knowledge - to form a multidisciplinary consortium:

Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique (France): Project coordination; development, characterization and integration of catalytic and membrane processes and materials

Universita degli Studi di Bari (Italy) : New volatile acidic chemical precursor synthesis; plasma and vacuum deposition processes

Surface Innovations Ltd (UK): Creation of proton conducting membranes and catalysts by Atomised Spray Plasma Deposition technique

Bar-Ilan University (Israel): Multi-step organic / organo-metallic precursor synthesis; nanofabrication of hybrid systems

IRD Fuel Cells A/S (Denmark): Characterization, testing and benchmarking in fuel cell domain

Federal Mogul Systems Protection (France): Orientation the membrane synthesis process for future up-scaling

ALMA Consulting Group SAS (France): Project management and communication